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Fashion handbags

We love handbags.

Admittedly, who doesn’t? But we have high demands. Any brand that has made it into our store has convinced us in terms of quality, price-performance and design, because anything else will simply not do. Even if handbags are our daily business, we still manage to get excited. About glamorous sequined handbags, high quality leather and perfect workmanship. Modern materials and new designs. About many compartments and optimal interior division. About pockets in deep red or in navy blue. About indestructible models and timeless classics.

Handbags are simply great and we get the impression our customers see it like that too.


Brics bei Lederwaren Voegels
Campomaggi bei Lederwaren Voegels
FredsBruder bei Lederwaren Voegels
Picard bei Lederwaren Voegels
The Bridge


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